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Ways to incorporate a THEME

Themed weddings, Themed restaurants, Themed bedrooms........ Who's mind instantly goes to the bizarre and the most heightened version of a theme possible?

I guarantee soooo many of you! I thought i would talk about how theme really doesn't have to be so scary and it doesn't have to be so dramatic.

Let's think of some themes....Close your eyes and imagine some ideas of a theme. I think we've all been to some kind of themed restaurant for example. 1950's American Diner - with red seating and bright lights! I'm sure there are several Harry Potter themed places in the world. There is definitely a hotel somewhere!

A lot of these places take on the theme in every sense but it isn't the only way you can incorporate a theme. Themes are like smaller sub categories that can run through a larger concept - they can be subtle.

Images by Taylar Jayde Photography - Concept by To be Revealed

The images above are from a recent shoot i did that had a 'Maleficent vibe and theme' running through it. The model wasn't wearing horns and there was nothing that immediately said Maleficent BUT the theme was referenced in the smaller details. The feathered cape immediately gave off the theme and to tie in we added feather detail onto the tablescape. Plus the entire shoot was black - which is a theme all in itself! Those little details are meaningful - they are what people pick up on and connect with.

Themes don't have to be so huge and in your face. They can run through a design and even surprise people. Here are my top ways to consider a theme:

Table design and Centrepieces

This is a sure fire easy way to bring in a theme. You can little things onto your design that acknowledge your theme. Stationery could be branded with a logo or writing that links to your theme. You can add some figurines in if that's your theme and style them in with flowers and other decor elements. You could have themed place mats? Straws in your drinks that you serve? Napkins? The possibilities here are completely endless so let your imagination run wild!

Larger decor elements

I'm sure when you were a child you were obsessed with something and probably had a duvet cover or something based on that. Superheroes? Animals? Barbie? I'm not suggesting you go out and buy a child's duvet BUT think about larger items of decor such as linens, rugs, backdrops? Could you take a small section of a tablecloth and add in the theme on one corner? Could you decorate a vase that acknowledges a theme? Coasters, place settings?

Accessories or Clothing

Part of me feels this is very 90s but i LOVE IT! Incorporating theme into your clothing or accessories is my favourite way. Embroidery on your jackets is a fab example. It could be a larger print or something small that only you know about and people may or may not notice but YOU know it is there. Something on your shoes is another way. On the sole of your shoe or you could even go that step further and get painted shoes in your theme?

This goes for jackets too - Painted jackets aren't going anywhere as a trend so have you thought about getting one made that has some nod to your theme?

I'm pretty sure that iron on patches and pin badges are still around too!

Images by Taylar Jayde Photography - Concept by To be Revealed

Taken from a PINK AND RED themed wedding shoot

So there are just a few ways you can incorporate a theme into your wedding, home or business concepts. I'm not saying don't go big if you want too - absolutely do you! But if you want to find smaller ways that don't seem so scary and overwhelming then that is possible too! If you'd love to chat more on this then don't hesitate to get in touch!

Love Stacey x

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