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Wedding Outfit tips and advice

Hey lovely people!

I do get asked for wedding outfit advice all the time so i thought i would add a blog about it. This is my opinion as well as advice and is aimed at you non traditional loving couples who want something super stylish and a bit edgy!

Here are my 4 top tips......

1/ Don't get a size too small -

This is something i am really concerned and passionate about. I don't buy into the 'Shredding for the wedding' concept at all. You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A CERTAIN SIZE TO GET MARRIED. Ladies it's about marrying the person you love and being yourselves.

Please don't add to the stress by feeling you have to get an outfit that is a size, or a few sizes, smaller than you are because the pressure that can cause is immense. Wedding planning can be stressful sometimes and adding that to the list will make it so much more stressful and pressured.

Of course if you need to lose any weight for any reason medically or health relating and you are using it to focus then that is different.

I just wouldn't want anyone to feel like they have to be certain size or look for their wedding. We are all different and that is what makes us all beautiful :)

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2/ If you aren't a dress person, Look for an alternative -

There are so many incredible options out there now for those of you who just don't feel right in a dress. I love how there are genuinely no rules on what you can wear to your wedding. The tradition of a big white wedding dress is long gone!

Designers are making fabulous jumpsuits, suits and two pieces for you alternative lovers. Caped jumpsuits are my fave and really add some theatrical flair. If a dress is not you then don't ever feel like you have to wear one on your wedding day.

Image by Taylar Jayde Photography

3/ If you want some colour, Consider it in your accessories -

If like me you want to add some bold colour into your personal style on your wedding day but don't feel like you could go down the full coloured dress route then consider colour pop accessories that match the colours in your overall styling theme.

You could have burgundy shoes that match the burgundy ribbons on your bouquet. It ties in with the style nicely and just makes you feel like you have added that little edge! Or you could opt for a bold headpiece or veil that has some coloured elements in. Colourful veils are becoming hugely popular and really ramp up that style factor!

Image by Taylar Jayde Photography

4/ To maximise your style, Consider an outfit change -

This one really depends on your budget and if you can but if you really want to maximise your style and wow your guests then consider an outfit change for the evening. It is becoming a lot more common.

If you have quite a large train on your dress and you want to party and dance all night then maybe think about changing into an outfit for your evening reception that you can dance the night away in and you don't have to kick out of the way constantly (i say this from personal experience). It could even be as simple as changing a headpiece or veil or adding on a leather jacket!

Or just for added drama and attention - You might both want to make an extra statement entrance by BOTH changing into something else for the evening.

The tip with this is to consider your top priorities for the day and what you will be comfortable in and what type of statements you want to make.

Image by Chris Currie Photography

There really are no rules anymore and you can do and wear ANYTHING YOU WANT - Always think of yourselves and your style and preferences and don't be influenced by others opinions. đź’•đź’•

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