• Stacey Hartley

What is a Wedding Stylist?

This is something i get asked all the time, and i bet you have wondered the same thing?

Think about a wedding planner - they help you to plan, organise and schedule your wedding day. Well, a wedding stylist helps you create, design, style and execute all the visual aspects of your day. For example:

* Venue Decor

* Table set ups

* Ceremony Decor - aisle, table arches, backdrops etc...

* Areas of interest

* Source decor items

* Help to create a theme or colour concept

A wedding stylist is there to be your creative eye! Especially helpful if you don't have a creative eye. We make everything come together and make sense visually. From helping you to decide on your colour schemes to what table centrepieces you want, what linens you want, whether you want a backdrop, what flowers to have, sourcing decor items and where to place everything! So we have a huge job - and we LOVE that job because it gives you the time to enjoy the process whilst we do all the nitty gritty work to make your day look perfect!

A wedding stylist turns your vision into a reality. We take it from several Pinterest boards you might have created and actually turn in into a reality. We bring all the details together that you imagine for your day, we execute it and set it all up on the day of your wedding so all you have to do is have the best, fun time getting ready - because honestly that is such a fun time!

If the thought of imagining how you will make your day look super stylish terrifies you then i would highly recommend hiring a stylist to help. Believe me, Pinterest is mega overwhelming as much as it's amazing and getting lost in Pinterest boards will cause you so much confusion! The last thing you want is to add any more stress into the mix of your planning - so let a stylist take it off your hands.

I always think there is a huge misconception about wedding stylists - that we take over your wedding. We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. We work with you - the couple - because it's your day! Wedding Stylists or Planners really don't take over your day. We help you make it the best wedding - because we understand that you don't all have the time you need to dedicate to it because your job might be time consuming and you simply don't have enough hours in the day. Please rest assure that our job is to work with you - you still make the decisions - we just find solutions, items and colours and bring them to you so we can make figuring it all out easier. Then we get to work creating the design and style FOR YOU!

Personally i always ask the question of 'how much do you want to be involved / how much time do you have to make decisions?' because i want you to be as involved as you want to be. If you want me to create your entire wedding design and style and you just want to hand that over and turn up on the day then absolutely i will BUT if you want to be there every step of the process and make choices and decisions yourself down to the last detail then absolutely i will do that too! (or any other variation between these two choices).

It is a COLLABORATION and a wedding stylist brings the creative eye and design flair to create your wedding day for you.

I would love to know your thoughts on hiring a Wedding Stylist and as always if you'd love to ask questions or chat then get in touch!

Happy wedding planning :)

Stacey xxx

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