DESIGN AND STYLE - From £1275*

Do you long for a wedding that really showcases your sense of style? Whether you know what you want and need a stylist to piece it all together or you want someone to create and execute your entire design from start to finish - I work with you to design bold, bespoke styling that incorporates your passions, loves and who you are.  If you want something bold and beautiful, edgy yet elegant with some statement dramatic detail then we would make the perfect team! 


You've done it! You have planned your dream Boho Luxe wedding and you cannot contain your excitement. Something is niggling away though - You aren't sure how to organise the room, or what needs to go where on the tables or in the venue and how are you going to have the time to set up and style everything you have organised?! My creative direction option allows me to step in to assist how the day will run and organise what goes where. I will set up the venue(s) for you so all you have to think about on the day is marrying the love of your life and enjoying the adventure!


Have some ideas already but have no idea where to go with them or how to get them from your head into some form of plan? This is where i can help. My Inspiration package includes two inspiration boards and a styling pack to assist you in your decision making and get the bold, beautiful wedding of dreams on track! 

BOHO LUXE PLANNING - Minimum Investment £1850*

You've dreamt about that bold styling and effortlessly executed wedding day since the day you got engaged but you fear you don't know how to put those dreams into a plan or simply don't have the time? From planning your entire day from beginning to end, to finding the perfect suppliers to assist in creating your vision - i offer a bespoke planning style that means you decide how much you want me to plan for you! With a team of the best Boho Luxe, creative suppliers on hand - i will make sure you have that bold and exciting wedding of your dreams without having any stress.  

Expect to pay between 10% - 15% of your overall budget.

FIND YOUR STYLE - From £150*

Inspired by high fashion? Love reading magazines and creating endless Pinterest boards on what style of dress you would like and how you want to look on your day? 

I completely understand that there is so much pressure that comes with how to look on your wedding day but remember that we are not all meant to look the same. Every body is different, everyone suits something different and we all like different things - and that is more than OK! I specialise in creating styling options for those who want something  non-traditional and work with you to make you look and feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day. Sessions can be between 1 and 3 hours and come with your own bespoke styling pack. 

* All prices shown are a starting from price. Full detailed quotes will be sent out after an initial consultation to discuss your particular wedding :)

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